2nd Hangout on Air Book Talk Pilot

A couple of weeks ago, I piloted a 4th grade book talk at one of our elementary schools. Today, I piloted an entire 4th grade book talk between two elementary schools, with hopes that it goes well so I can begin doing this once a month with each grade level.

I am elated to say that it worked beautifully! And when I say ‘it’, I am referring to the technology AND the awesome kids that presented. I was a little worried about the Hangout on Air since our announcements trial last FridayThe morning I got in, Hangouts on Air had completely changed overnight and I’m not sure if it was that, or our bandwidth, but the teachers could not see it live. This time, we successfully had 11 classes watching the live stream. (4 in on the call, 6 watching) Yes, there was a bit of a delay today…but nothing too terrible.

The thing I’m most excited about is the excitement that is coming from the kids. The video book talks have started so many conversations about reading. I am hearing things like “I love that we are hearing about different books in the library. I always pick the same ones.” and “Can I do the book talk next time?” I have been so impressed with our students and love their enthusiasm with this.

In the next few weeks, I plan to roll this out with all grade levels. I will simply pick a 10-15 minute chunk of time every 2-4 weeks and invite all of those grade level teachers to enjoy us. I hope to eventually invite other schools from different parts of the country to share their favorite books too. I am also really excited to begin sharing our new books this way.

Overall, I am very excited to see where this takes us! Ultimately, I am just excited to see our students pumped about reading great books!


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