Tech Talk: Voicethread

What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a tool that allows your students have virtual discussions around media such as images, text, sounds, and video. With VoiceThread, you can create slides (like a PowerPoint), and students can then come in and comment by recording their voice, typing their comments, or video recording themselves using a webcam. Other students can then listen to these comments and make their own contribution to the discussion.  Check out this quick explanation of a Voicethread –  

VoiceThread Accounts

All students and staff have a VoiceThread account set up for them already. To access these accounts, go to

Student Logins
Email Address = Student’s school email address
Password = Student’s network password

Teacher Logins
Email Address = Your school email address
Password = Contact me for your district password

VoiceThread Tutorials

Please visit the Voicethread Tutorials page on the library website for video tutorials, written step-by-step directions, and sample VoiceThread projects.

If you are interested in using Voicethread in your classroom, please email me to set up a meeting time so we can walk through the creation process together.

Have a great week!


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