1/17 Tech Talk: Photo Editing Fun!

Last week’s Tech Talk was: Photo Editing Fun

Photo editing is becoming all the rage! Between smartphones, iPods, iPads, etc., everyone seems to be carrying a camera in their pocket these days! Although there are MANY websites and apps to use to edit photos, here are some of my favorites –

Picasa/Picasa Web – I won’t sugar coat it…I simply love Picasa! There are two options with Picasa. You can use Picasa Web, which is a place to host your pictures and do minor edits to your photos. If you want to take your editing and organization to the next level, you should also consider downloading Picasa software. I love Picasa Web because as a Google Apps for Education district, it is very easy to integrate the albums and slideshows into other Google Apps like Sites. I also love that you can set up a unique email address for an album which you allows you to email your photos to update your slideshows, etc. automatically.

PicMonkey – PicMonkey is a great option if you want to create collages or go more in depth with editing. The one drawback is that you cannot save images and work on them later, so they need to be completed in one sitting. There is a paid membership if you want to access the elite features.

Phonto App – I love the Phonto app for labeling photos. I choose this app out of many when I worked with a 2nd grade classroom. I like it because it is very easy to use…and it’s FREE! For this example, students drew a picture of a butterfly, took a picture of it with the iPad, and then added the labels with the app –


One thought on “1/17 Tech Talk: Photo Editing Fun!

  1. oooo… love the idea behind the Phonto app! Just downloaded it myself. Can’t wait to play with it and try it out with kids. What a great kid-friendly app for labeling! THanks for sharing!

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