11/6 Tech Talk: Google Voice

This week’s Tech Talk is: Google Voice

What is Google Voice, anyway?

Google allows you to set up a free phone number which cab then be tied to your cell phone, if you wish. The messages can be a maximum of three minutes, and will Google Voice will transcribe what is said. (Although not very well, most times.) Here are several other videos to help you understand what Google Voice does.

West De Pere teachers, Jenn Lambrecht and Sara Lang, are using their Google Voice numbers as a “Literacy Hotline” in their classrooms. Students are asked to call in during the week and do things like read a story, spell their spelling words, or retell a story.

Google Voice gives you the option to email the transcript/voicemail to someone, so it’s a great way to keep parents updated with things like fluency, etc. You can also embed the voicemails into a webpage like Jenn did here.

Jenn and Sara have created a parent letter that you are more than willing to tweak and use. Before you begin using Google Voice in your classroom, please share the letter with your principal to ensure that they have your Google Voice number as well.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. If you are a Twitter user, follow #mwgs from Sunday – Tuesday to see what’s happening at the Google Summit in the Wisconsin Dells! It will be a great opportunity to learn and collaborate with people all over the area! Yours truly, @tweets2jen, will be tweeting from the Summit!


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