10/30 & 11/1 Tech Talk: iThings Update

Last week’s Tech Talk was: iThings Update

Guided Access
There is one very exciting feature of IOS 6 that hasn’t gotten a lot of press. Have you ever wanted to prevent your students from playing with the settings of the app or from getting out of an app? With Guided Access, you can now do that! If you do turn on guided access on any of the library iPods/iPads, please remember to turn it off before you return the devices!
Here is a Guided Access Demo –

Reflection App
There is also finally a wireless projection option for the iDevices. Instead of using the iPad/iPod to VGA cable, you can use the reflection program. This program costs $15, and will not be able to be downloaded onto your desktop classroom computer. There will be one laptop in the library with the Reflection App already loaded on to it in case you would like to use it in your classroom. This provides a great way to demo an app with your students on your SmartBoard before they use the app in class!
Here is a Reflection App Demo –


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