4/12 Tech Talk: Stich.it

This week’s Tech Talk is: Stich.it

Stich.it is an awesome free website that allows you to "stich" websites together into a slideshow-like experience. This creates a faster, easier way for you and your students to surf the web! For example, you might have five web pages that you’d like to share with your students. In the past, you’d have to send them five individual links. With Stich.it, you only have to send them a single Stich.it link that includes all five Web pages. This would be a great site to use if you are doing research projects! Instead of allowing your students to just "surf the net" to try and find reliable websites, try putting together of a number of websites with Stich.it so they have somewhere to start.

Watch Stich.it Explained or view a Stich.it example for a better idea of how the site works. When you are ready to create your own, just head to Stich.it home page and paste in the links that you want to "stich." Click the Stich.it button below and you will be provided with a neat URL to share with whomever you want! It’s that simple!

Did you mark your calendars yet? The 16th Annual Summer Instructional Technology Academy (SITA) is July 30-August 2nd at Bay Port HS. Trust me…you won’t want to miss it!!!

Have a great day!


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