3/20 Tech Talk: YouAreYourWords

This week’s Tech Talk is: YouAreYourWords

YouAreYourWords is a site that was created to celebrate the release of the 5th Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary. The site allows you to create a self-portrait and then enter words to best define who you are. Watch this video to learn more about how it works. This would be a great site to use for an autobiography project, poetry unit, or a famous person project.

Word Clouds
Most of us have probably heard of Wordle. Wordle is a Word Cloud Generator. A Word Cloud turns text into a visual representation or an information graphic. If you are looking for additional Word Cloud generators, you may want to check out:

  • ABCYa – A very basic, easy-to-use word cloud generator that would be perfect for our youngest students. This site is very similar to Wordle.
  • Tagxedo – This site gives users the ability to make highly customized Word Clouds. You can change the shape, font, font colors, and even upload your own shape to use. (This site may require you to install Microsoft Silverlight.)
  • ImageChef – This site allows allows you to create a customized Word Cloud that can then be downloaded.
  • Tagul – This site does require a log-in with email, but offers custom shapes and designs.

Here are a few more articles that you may enjoy if you are looking for more Word Cloud generators:

You may also want to view this slideshow; it provides way to use Word Clouds in the classroom. This article also shares ideas for incorporating Word Clouds into the classroom.

Have a great day!


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