TIES 2011 – Session One

Good morning,

I am attending the TIES Conference today and tomorrow in Minneapolis. Instead of taking notes for myself, I’ve decided to post them for all to see. They might not be pretty…but they should be a starting point. You can also follow @jswanski on Twitter or #ties11 to keep up with the conference! Here is the TIES website if you are interested – http://ties2011.ties.k12.mn.us

This morning, my first session was about student centered projects. Please visit http://www.catlintucker.com for more information. Here are my notes:

SESSION 1 – 5 Student Driven Projects that Engage Higher Order Thinking
Online discussions changed the dynamic of her classroom – encourage adaptive expertise, values intellectual play as a skill, provides broader foundation of perspectives, connects personal experiences, improves retention, shifts them from consumers to producers.
1. Expert Group Investigations – Give groups a topic, research & discussion, present research (wix.com)
2. Webquests – Embed online resources into LMS, Post info for students to explore/discuss, create a modern example
3. Reciprocal Learning (Math graduation trip example) – Pair students & present w/topic, pair them online to discuss details, produce a video, upload projects (recommends schooltube)
4. Multimedia Mashup – Discuss media in our society then match concepts w/media
5. Challenge BAsed Learning Project (Apple) – ask questions, problem solve, collaborate on real issues, recognize that they have an impact, communicate, leverage tech – group students & present bid idea/theme, brainstorm questions, identify a challenge, resarch, present solution, publish


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