TIES 2011 – Session 3 I-Imagine

I-Imagine: Waking Up a Generation for Their Own Greatness
Presenter: Bernajean Porter, Twitter – @bernajeanporter
“Reality can be the biggest stress if you decide to be in touch with it.”
“IF your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, you are a TRUE leader.” ~John Adams
77% of kids find school unmotivating (which atrophies the brain)
4-8% of success is influenced by IQ, EQ (Emotional Quota) is MUCH more important
Engage means brains of fire and hearts alive, not entertainment
Kids hope level is at about 14%
Perturbation – Disturb the system!
75% of what we learn in our life is informal learning
Make students documenters of their own learning; 1:1 iPads w/kids taking pictures, recording themselves, emailing their parents during the day, etc.
What do you want to make happen that isn’t happening now?
New Global Citizens – Site for kids to make proposals for money
Citizen Reporting – iPad Noah App
The DNA of Learning @ http://www.africanbushmeat.org
Project Tomorrow – free survey process to hear student voices
Student-Led report cards – let the kids give feedback
“I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world sure needs all the good I can do.”
Educating for Human Greatness, I-imagine by Bernajean Porter, Sparks by Peter Benson – Books to read
i-Imagine – getting kids to do vision videos, give kids agency over their own learning
Is the future the place that we’re going to or the one that we’re going to create?
The Hope Survey – when hope goes up, it impacts scores
Before you get what you want…imagine it.
Ask kids…how will your light shine for good???
Accelerate “talent-driven” curriculum!

Sample Prompt – create your own best future story as if you are already living as a main character in a story of your best hopes. Nothing can be more fateful than a blank screen that becomes the canvas for someone else to script a life for you. And if you could have the life you wanted to live, what would it be? Write in present tense, first person w/lots of “showing not telling” details! (Create Vision videos, docu-dramas (As if), neuroplasticity.

If you have an opportunity to hear Bernajean speak…be sure to take advantage of it! She is inspirational!


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