11/15 Tech Talk: Overdrive

This week’s Tech Talk is: Overdrive

Overdrive is our library’s new electronic collection, which consists of more than 600 e-books and audio books that can be checked out and downloaded to any computer, Nook, mp3 player, cell phone, iPod, iPad, and Kindle! The best part about it is that West De Pere students and staff will be able to access these library materials from anywhere they have internet access. Please take a look at a quick overview of the site below, and help me spread the word to our students!

Overdrive Info
· Every student/staff member can check out up to two items at a time.
· Items will be automatically returned after the lending period expires.
· Before being able to access e-books and audiobooks, you need to install Adobe Digital Editions and Overdrive Media Console (Both are available for free on the Overdrive website).
· There is a free Overdrive App for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.
· Overdrive is compatible with virtually all devices. Check compatible devices.

Accessing Overdrive
1. Go to your school’s library webpage.
2. Click on “E-Books” to access the Overdrive page.
3. Click “Sign In” in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and enter log-in information (see below).
4. Begin browsing and downloading books to your computer or device.

Overdrive Tips

Student Log-In
Library Card Number – Student ID Number
PIN – Network Password

Software Downloads
Adobe Digital Editions – For E-Books
Overdrive Media Console – For Audio Books

Most Compatible Formats
E-Books – Use EPUB
Audio Books – Use MP3

Return Policy
E-Books – Can be returned any time
Audio Books – Cannot be returned early

Mr. Slowinski is more than happy to answer all of your Overdrive questions, or come into your classroom some day to teach your kids how to use it!  Please contact him with any questions that you may have.

Happy Reading!


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