10/27 Tech Talk: iThings

This week’s Tech Talk was: iThings

The last Tech Talk of every month will be dedicated to the “iThings” topic. Here are some things that were mentioned this week –

· Apple recently came out with a new operating system. Check out the new Apple iOS5 Information on their site! The greatest feature (in my opinion, of course), is the iCloud, which means that you no longer need a computer to “sync” your iThings. I also really love that there is a Reminders App – which syncs all of my Outlook tasks to my iPad. I was really struggling to find a good “to-do list” App – and this solves it!

· A couple of educational technology experts have been making the connection with Apps to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Check out these links –
· Dana Darrow’s Connections to Apps & Bloom’s – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
· Kathy Schrock’s Bloomin’ iPad

· Roxann Nys from CESA 7 has a great iThings wiki page started. Feel free to explore and add to it!

· Other items that were mentioned during the meetings –
· GrasshopperApps (Search in iTunes; lots of customizable apps for primary grades)
· MathDrills (Totally customizable math App w/progress monitoring; Lite version available for trial)
· ShowMe App (Free, Recordable whiteboard app)
· Lakeshore Apps (Phonics Tic-tac-toe, Beginning Sounds, Letter of the Day) are free until December
· Zaggfolio keyboard/cover (For iPad 2 only; I have this one and it is FANTASTIC!!!)


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