5/24 Tech Talk: ClassTools

This week’s Tech Talk is: ClassTools

ClassTools is a website that provides free flash based educational games, quizzes, and activities.  You do not need to create an account to use the activities, but there is a premium account if you wish to use all of the features available. (Note:  There are several ads on the site with the free version.)    Unfortunately, there is not a way to save your progress so you will have to complete the activity in one class period.  There are options to “Save As Webpage” or embed into a website, however.

Here are some of my ClassTools favorites (you will see all of their templates on the right hand side of their main website) –
· Fakebook – create a “fakebook” account for a literary character or historical figure
· Arcade Game Generator – quiz your students with your own custom questions
· Random Name Picker – another way to randomly choose students for questioning
· Post It – Label pictures; great for mapping or diagrams!
· Venn Diagram

If you have any questions about ClassTools, or need help integrating this into your curriculum, please let me know! Have a great day!


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