2/10 Tech Talk: Prezi

This week’s Tech Talk topic is: Prezi

Prezi provides another way for people to present information. While PowerPoint is very linear, Prezi uses more of an open concept. You will need to create an account to use Prezi. Currently, there is not an option for classroom accounts, so you would have to create a generic log-in for your students to all save in the same space. (Example: username-mrsdoe; password-phantoms) There is an embed feature so you can put your presentations on a teacher webpage, blog, wiki, etc. Prezi provides many tutorials to make it easier for the user to understand how the site works. Click on the LEARN tab to view the tutorials. The Prezi manual can also be very helpful for more in depth questions.

The best way to understand how Prezi works is to watch some example presentations. Here are some examples that you may enjoy:
How to Create a Great Prezi
Thoughts on Using Prezi as a Teaching Tool
30 Things About Me
Classical Greece

Check out the Explore tab for many, many more!

There is also an iPad app for Prezi. (They are actually giving away a free iPad if you would like to submit an entry!) You cannot edit your presentations on the iPad, but you can play them. This may come in handy if you would students to watch presentations that need review, or that they missed in class.


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