These are a few of my favorite things…

Now that I have that cheesy song in your head… 🙂

I wanted to share some of my favorite products and holiday resources before Christmas. I had hoped to have this out earlier…but better late than never, right?


· Click HERE for a HUGE collection of holiday Internet resources!

· Click HERE for the game, Snow Line…a favorite for all of our “gaming” kids! A very tricky way to sneak in a secret physics lesson with the kids. WARNING: You will not be able to get the kids off of the computer when their computer time is up!

· If you haven’t sent your loved ones a personalized message from Santa…it’s not too late! One of the COOLEST websites I’ve ever seen…a MUST SEE if you have children!

· And…the

…Web 2.0 style!


· Do you need a cheap listening station for your classroom? You can hook these up to your iPod, computer, etc! Word on the street is that they have these at Shopko for under $15!

· Check out this personal scanner! You DO NOT have to be hooked up to a computer to scan…and it is much faster than your average scanner. The data goes to an SD card, and you can transfer it to the computer when you have time. (OR you can use the USB attachment) I got mine on sale at Kmart! (They do make styles that scan a full sized sheet of paper too!)

· Card Readers – hook these right up to your computer to allow an easy transfer of data from a camera, phone, personal scanner, etc. There are MANY different styles…I just linked to an example of one you can get from Walmart. GREAT item to have handy if you have kids bringing in digital photos without having to bring all of those camera cords!

Happy Holidays!


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