5/4 Tech Tip: Blabberize

This week, we discussed and “played” around with the FREE Web 2.0 tool, BLABBERIZE.

Click HERE to view the example that I created!

As you can see, Blabberize offers a way for you to add voice to any picture. Imagine students giving an endangered animal a voice? Or how about a literary character or famous person? Or maybe they could upload their own picture to introduce themselves to the class? There are so many possibilities!

It is FREE to set up an account. My advice to you would be to set up ONE account that your whole class can use so that all of your finished products are in the same place. You will need a microphone to record the voice for the project. When you are finished, you can also embed these projects into your website, wiki, blog, etc.

Blabberize is a TON of fun! Let me know if you need any help or if you get stuck!


One thought on “5/4 Tech Tip: Blabberize

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