4/27 Tech Tip: Building a PLN with Twitter

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cobannon

Can we even go a day anymore without hearing, “Check us out on Twitter!” on the radio or TV??? Twitter has impacted our society in a way that many experts are STILL trying to figure out. Whether you’re following a celebrity, a friend, or a teacher from the opposite end of the world – Twitter provides a real-time way to communicate and collaborate with others. Sure…some people DO “tweet” about what they are having for breakfast, but there are MANY others who are using it as a tool to drive their own learning. I have to admit…when I first started using Twitter…I hated it. HATED IT. Then, I gave it another chance and discovered that it is the best professional development tool out there. Odds are, most of you probably won’t set up a Twitter account, but I think having a basic understanding of what Twitter is and how it has changed our society is crucial.

This week, we discussed Twitter and specifically focused on developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN) and using it in the classroom. A PLN offers an amazing way to collaborate with educators all over the world!

If you’re not really sure what Twitter is, watch this video by CommonCraft. They do a great job of explaining how it works!

HERE are some inside tips to Twitter “language.”

Although I wouldn’t advise students to set up an account in elementary school, there are ways that you can use Twitter in the classroom with a teacher account. For example, one of our district teachers is using Twitter for her space unit. She is following NASA, former astronauts, etc. to get live real-time information about that different things that are going on in space. THIS SITE offers some great tips about how to set up a Twitter account and how to use it in the classroom.

Are you looking for other teachers to follow? Many educators are on Twitter, and they are all constantly sharing ideas. HERE is a great site to use to find other educators in your field. HERE are many more resources about Twitter, including additional lists of educators. The more teachers you follow, the more great ideas you get!

Not sure where to start? Here are some of my favorite Tweeple (Twitter People)!

Steven Anderson – @web20classroom

Silvia Tolisano – @langwitches

Wesley Fryer – @wfryer

Vicki Davis – @coolcatteacher

Larry Ferlazzo – @larryferlazzo

Eric Sheninger – @NMHS_Principal


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