4/22 Tech Tip: Animoto

This week, we took some time to play with Animoto. If you haven’t ever heard of Animoto before, watch this –

Animoto is a great site to use for digital storytelling. HERE are some examples of how Animoto can be used in the classroom.

Read THIS post regarding how to set up an Animoto account and create your movie. Educators can sign up for all access accounts HERE. (Note: It may take a week or so to receive confirmation. Check your spam mail!) TIP – If you are going to do a class project using Animoto, create a class Gmail account for all of your students to use. That way, all of their movies will be saved under one log in.

The great thing about Animoto is that it provides you with HTML code so that you can embed the final movie on your website. Please let me know if you need any help with using Animoto!

Here are some additional interactive educational technology sites that may interest you this week –
Connectsums – Use coins, dice, or digits to find the sum.
Illuminations – LOTS of math resources aligned to grade level.
Learn Your Tables – A great way to help students learn their multiplication tables.
Engineering Interact – A site for elementary students that teaches physics concepts; specifically light, motion, sound, electricity, and space travel.
CNN Student News – Daily news for students from CNN – a great way to teach current events!


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