4/15 Tech Tip: TeacherTube

Good morning,

Are you or your students creating videos that you would like to share with other teachers, parents, or the world? There is a very easy way to upload your videos to the Internet and embed them into your webpage for easy viewing. Per our district website guidelines agreement, we will need to use TeacherTube to upload and embed videos. Just follow these steps:


First, you will need to create a TeacherTube account. Click on FREE SIGN UP in the upper right hand corner and sign up for your account. Follow all of the prompts to set up your account.

Once you sign up, click on Home, Upload Video. Fill in all of the blanks in the upload area. Pay close attention to the bottom of the form. Make sure you keep your video PUBLIC, I advise NOT ALLOWING comments (unless you are approving them) or ratings, and make sure the Embed feature is ENABLED. (This will you allow you to put it on your website.)

The upload process usually happens fairly quickly, but the APPROVAL process may take awhile. (Sometimes hours!) A TeacherTube employee will have to view the entire video to be sure that it is okay for their site. Once it is uploaded, you will be able to see it in My Home/Videos.

Once your video is uploaded, you will need to get the source code for it so that you can embed it into your webpage. Click on the 3rd button (looks like a piece of paper), and a small box will pop up. (See below.) Right click and COPY the source code.


Log in to your CMS4Schools website. Go to OR create the page that you would like to embed your video into. Enter into edit mode. Once you have added in a text/graphic editor, you will be able to paste in the code. Click on the SOURCE button (the box will turn white), and PASTE in the code that you copied from TeacherTube. Save your changes, and you’re done! Your video will now play on your website.

Did you know??? You can embed ANYTHING into your webpage that has an HTML code! Voki’s, Animoto, Blabberize, Glogster, Slideshare (great for uploading PowerPoints), the list goes on and on! Just use the SOURCE button on your webpage editor to embed code from another site!


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