4/6 Tech Tip: CutePDF

Using CutePDF

The CutePDF printer allows you to create PDF files from any type of document. To create a PDF file from an existing document (for example, a Word document), print the document and select CutePDF as the printer. A box will come up asking you where you want to save your PDF file. Select an appropriate location and click Save. Your PDF file has been created.

The CutePDF printer is beneficial for posting files on your web page because they open with Adobe Reader, which is free for everyone. If you post Microsoft Office documents on your page and someone who does not have Microsoft Office on their computer wants to view the files, they will not be able to.

If you love CutePDF, you can also install it on your home computer. CutePDF is a free download and is available on their website. The program will just install as an additional printer.

Uploading PDF’s to your Webpage

1. Log in to CMS4Schools

2. Click on My File Uploads

3. Click on Add File

4. Click Browse, find your file, and click Add.

5. Once your file is uploaded, you will see it on your screen. Click on the blue ‘i’ button to get the web address of the document if you would like to link the document to one of your web pages. Copy (using right click) the file’s web address so that you can paste it OR hyperlink to one of your web pages.

6. Find the page that you would like to attach the file to, and then paste the link into the page. You can also create a hyperlink so that the entire file name isn’t showing on the webpage.


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