2/25 Tech Tip: Using Clickers w/the SmartBoard

This week we practiced setting up and using the Senteo clickers with the SmartBoard. There are several tutorials on the Smart website that will guide you through the set-up and administration of assessments. The website is – http://smarttech.com/trainingcenter/material.asp. Once you get there, click on SMART Response & SMART Response LE to see the tutorials. If you need additional help in setting this up, please do not hesitate to contact me! (You may need to helpdesk the Senteo software if you do not have it.)

In addition – here are some March resources that may be helpful. Given the topics, there wasn’t a whole lot out there…but maybe these will help!

March 4th – Casimir Pulaski Day

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th – The Great Hunger in Ireland
http://www.irishpotatofamine.org/flash.html (Interactive)
http://www.americanepic.org/demos/Immigration/potatofamine.html# (Interactive)

March 21st – 1st Day of Spring

Have a great weekend!


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