2/16 Tech Tip: Glogster

“Okay class…pull out your crayons and colored pencils. We are going to make a poster about George Washington today!”

Sound familiar?

How about something like this à http://mrsswanson.edu.glogster.com/georgewashingtonglog/ instead???

Now there is nothing wrong with the traditional poster, but how about trying out Glogster? Glogster is a new and innovative Web 2.0 tool that allows you to make a poster online. The site allows students (or you!) to get creative with text, video, photos, audio, and much more!

Here is a great tutorial for the site –

Glogster has a separate education site for teachers to register their students. The site will give you password protected student accounts, and you can leave the Glogs open to the world or make them private. About halfway down the site, you will see several student examples. Feel free to click on them and check them out! (They are much better than my simple (and quite boring) George Washington example!!!) HERE is more information about the education accounts.

You can also embed Glogs into a wiki, blog, etc. Look HERE for directions if you are interested in doing this!

So…go ahead…try it! Click HERE and then click “Try to create yours” to try Glogster without registering. It’s a blast! (NOTE:  You can TRY Glogster on the regular page, but if you want to create an account to use with your class, make sure you create an EDU account!  They are two DIFFERENT accounts!)


4 thoughts on “2/16 Tech Tip: Glogster

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your wonderful post on Glogster EDU. We appreciate your assistance in helping us spread the word on our creative and fun platform. Please be aware that your initial link to “trying out Glogster” takes followers to Glogster.com and not edu.glogster.com. Unfortunately, many educators set up accounts on Glogster not realizing that there is an EDU site. Those same educators are sometimes turned off to the social content and never use the more appropriate EDU site.
    Thank you again for your support.
    Jim Dachos
    Education Manager

  2. Thanks, Jim! I added that information to my post. I knew that…but it wasn’t stated very well in my initial blogpost. I appreciate your feedback and support!

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