2/11 Tech Tip: Google Earth

This week we explored the software program Google Earth. Google Earth is a FREE download! If you would like the program at home, visit http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html. If you would like the program installed on your school computer, you will have to put in a helpdesk request.

I am the first to admit that I am an amateur when it comes to Google Earth. I can honestly say that it is probably one of the fascinating programs that I’ve ever seen! There are so many AMAZING things that you can do with this program! Here are just a few –

· Turn on the 3D buildings layer and explore places like the Grand Canyon and New York City in 3D!
· Turn on the weather layer to view real time weather information around the world.
· Turn on the Street View Layer to feel like you’re REALLY visiting certain areas of the world.
· Fly to any city in the world or compare distances between two places.
· Take your students to the place that is spoken about in the book/novel you are reading in class.
· Turn on the historical feature to view a city now AND back in time.
· View active earthquake and volcano sites.
· View and get information about past shipwrecks.

Here are a few previews of the things you can do –
Google Earth in 3D – http://earth.google.com/intl/en/3d.html
the ocean – http://earth.google.com/ocean/showcase/#explore-oceans
Mars – http://earth.google.com/mars
the Moon – http://earth.google.com/moon
the Sky – http://earth.google.com/sky/index.html
See more here – http://earth.google.com/tour.html

Google Lit Trips have also been created based on popular novels. Teachers around the world have created “trips” in Google Earth to demonstrate the path that characters took in the story. The Google Lit Trip website also has a lot of helpful resources, tutorials, and tips.

There are MANY tutorials available on YouTube if you are looking for help on a specific topic. If you come up with any great lessons or activities using Google Earth, please let me know!  Have fun!


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