2/2 Tech Tip: Wallwisher

This week, we took some time to explore www.wallwisher.com.

Wallwisher is a fun and easy Web 2.0 tool to use in your classroom. It is great to use for brainstorming sessions, accessing prior knowledge before a unit, or even assessing what your students know after a unit is finished. There are endless possibilities for this tool! You will create a web address with this tool which allows you to share it on your website, blog, wiki, etc. so that it is easy to share with your students. The set up time for this tool is literally MINUTES!

Here is a tutorial video to watch –

Go ahead…try it out! Click on the link and double click to add your post-it note to respond to the question on the wall – http://wallwisher.com/wall/WDPTechTalk

Did You Know? Have you heard of Augmented Reality??? In the words of Steve Dembo, “Augmented reality is one of the few technologies that have come out within the last few years that really have the ability to simply drop jaws.” Check out his post about augmented reality HERE, and be sure to watch the YouTube videos embedded in his blog post. This is AMAZING stuff! What impact will this new technology have on education?


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