1/19 Tech Tip: RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. RSS has made our lives easier because instead of wasting time to search for news, the news can just come to us! Do you often frequent the same blog or webpage? Many of those sites have an option to subscribe to their RSS feed. By subscribing, you will receive the new blog posts, or news, directly to your email or RSS aggregator. (Ex: Pageflakes, Google Reader, Netvibes, etc.)

Here is a video explanation of RSS –

I personally use my Outlook account to manage my RSS Feeds. When someone I follow has posted something new, it will alert me within my email. If you are on a website, and see the little orange icon (as pictured above), click on it to subscribe. After clicking on the RSS icon, you will likely see something similar to the picture below.

If you’ve set up an RSS aggregator, click on the name of your aggregator to subscribe. If you’d like your RSS feed to go directly into your email, click on “View Feed XML.” On the top of the next page, click on “Subscribe to this Feed.” A small window should pop up on your screen, and you will need to hit “Subscribe” to finish the process. Go ahead…check your Outlook page! (You should see the title of the blog under your RSS Feeds.)

If you are not currently reading any blogs, I would encourage you to check out this site – http://movingforward.wikispaces.com/Education+Blogs+by+Discipline. There are LOTS of different teachers and classrooms blogging around the world! Who will you follow?

Did You Know? One of the “buzzwords” in education right now is “PLN.” A PLN refers to your personal/professional learning network. Learn more about building your PLN here – https://jswanski.wordpress.com/2009/11/14/developing-your-pln


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