11/18 Tech Tip – Delicious (Social Bookmarking)

Have you ever bookmarked a favorite website at school that you wanted to get to at home, only to discover that you have no idea what the web address is? This can be very frustrating!!!

www.delicious.com can solve that problem!!! Delicious is a website that is dedicated to social bookmarking. Wikipedia describes Delicious as a place for “storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.”

Watch this video for an excellent explanation of how it all works –

If you decide to create a Delicious account, you will definitely want to add the browser buttons – http://delicious.com/help/tools (If you want them on your school computer, you will need to put in a helpdesk request.) Many teachers share their bookmarks with their students to help them find websites that are related to classroom learning.

Even if you do not create an account, Delicious is a great place to search for resources. Many educators are using Delicious and are leaving their bookmarks open to the world.

If you do open an account, be sure to follow me! My delicious “name” is – jlzurawski and the web address is www.delicious.com/jlzurawski.

Happy Bookmarking!


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