Developing your PLN

I have been attempting to create my “PLN” (Professional Learning Network) on Twitter for several months now. When I first began using Twitter, I have to admit, I thought it was ridiculous. I remember thinking, “How in the world is this going to help me become a better teacher???” I tried it for awhile, then quit. I went to the WEMTA Conference last spring and the Twitter buzz was rampant, so I thought, I’m going to give this ONE more shot. Wow…am I glad I did! I can honestly say that Twitter has served as the BEST professional development tool that I’ve ever used! I am amazed at all of the connections that I’ve made with teachers around the world. Last summer, my summer school class Skyped with a teacher from London, and another from Argentina  It was amazing!  This year, I am mentoring two of Dean Shareski’s pre-service teachers from Canada.  Austin and Whitney are giving feedback to my 8th grade students while the kids create a business in our classroom wiki environment.  Twitter certainly gives a whole new meaning to the song, “It’s a Small World!” If you are working on developing your PLN (Professional Learning Networks) via Twitter or RSS, it’ll take some work. Sometimes it’s hard to get started and find quality people to “follow.” Here are a couple resources that may help- (Authors willing to Skype with your class)

If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, you may want to watch these tutorial videos–

Ready to set up your Twitter account?  Read this first –  Good luck…and don’t forget to add @jswanski when you begin developing your PLN!!!


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