11/10 Tech Tip – PhotoStory 3

What is PhotoStory???

  • PhotoStory 3 is a FREE piece of software that allows users to create a show and tell presentation using images. (This is also called Digital Storytelling.) You can also add music and narration to your project to make it come to life!
  • Once your project is finished, it can be played with Windows Media Player – which is standard on most computers. (Also a FREE download if you don’t have it.)
  • This is a great application for beginners. It is VERY user friendly and simple to use!
  • Click HERE for the download page. (You CAN request this software to be put on your classroom computers if you want!!!)
  • Click here for a VIDEO tutorial
  • Click HERE for a guided, written tutorial.

How can you use this in your classroom???

  • Turn your written stories into powerful videos!
  • Have the students bring in, draw, or scan pictures to narrate a story. You can also import TUXPAINT or POWERPOINT images into the story. (Ask me how to do this if you need help!)
  • Use this as an extension activity for kids that are always finished early. Let them take their stories to the next level!
  • Have each student create a page for the “movie” – and put all of your student pages together in movie form!
  • Recap a field trip.
  • Have a group of students load your digital pictures onto the computer and into PhotoStory/Movie Maker to narrate your field trip experience.
  • Here are more great links with ideas if you want to check them out!
  • http://techteachers.com/digstory/ideas.htm
  • http://www.teachnet.ie/innovative_teacher/default.asp?NCID=365

Did you know? It’s never too late to start teaching kids about copyright laws! The “rule” for using music is either 30 seconds or 10% of a song. If you want to avoid all legal liability – you can just use copyright free music. Here is one of my favorite sites to get music from – www.freeplaymusic.com (PhotoStory 3 also gives you the ability to create your own music.) As for pictures off of the Internet – make sure students are citing the source of the pictures as well.


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